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Woolen Gatherings offers many designs available - everyday, seasonal, and holiday designs.  We hope you enjoy browsing through our selection and that they inspire you to create your own project and comfort you in its completion.  We like to add new designs as well, so be sure to check back often for our current collection.
We prefer using wool rug yarn, others prefer strips of wool to create their projects.  Because of this, we offer our designs in fully assembled kits which include all of the wool rug yarn you need to complete the project as well as the pattern only if you prefer to use wool strips.
You can use the finished projects as chair pads, placemats, on old box or basket tops, as trivets, pillows, wallhangings, the list goes on and on!
Also consider rejuvinating an old chair or other furniture piece you may find at a garage sale or flea market, put a fresh coat of paint on it (we recommend Olde Century Colors paints which we sell at our store for your convenience) and voila - instant heirloom!
In putting together the kits, we made every effort to accurately calculate the amount of yarn you will need to complete each project.  Rather than require you to purchase a full skein of each color, we have made 1/4 skein balls to limit the amount of excess material you need to purchase.  Based on your style of punching (some of us are a bit tighter than others), if you find yourself running a bit short, please feel free to contact us to request another couple yards of a color to complete your project.
The photos used represent the designs and colors used to the best of our ability.  As with all computer monitors, the colors you see may not be exactly as they look, but we worked really hard to make sure the colors work well together.  We are  confident you will be happy with the colors selected.

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